Textbook Cost Reduction


There are multiple programs and policies that the Textbook Committee intends to implement at Madison College. The combination of these measures would have a significant impact on the cost of textbooks, and help make education more affordable for everyone.


Increase in textbook cost over the last decade.

Uniform Textbook Adoption Policy
  • Faculty, teaching the same course, would use the same textbooks, and course materials.

  • Dissuade bundled materials.

  • Part-Time faculty would be directed as to which textbooks to use.



Number of faculty using open source textbooks in the US.

Open Source Textbook Program
  • Free online resources & affordable print versions

  • Faculty encouraged to develop their own open-source textbooks.

  • Examples of higher education institutions with successful open-source programs : University of MN, WA State Community & Tech Colleges, Tacoma Community College


Number of textbook rental programs in the US in 2014.

Assess Textbook Rental Program
  • Increase awareness.

  • Increase student accountability.


Average textbook cost per academic year for college students in the US.

Textbook Disclosure Policy
  • Bookstore shall provide retail price info to faculty that are placing book orders.

  • ISBN, title, author, publisher, and edition will be required to be posted on Madison College website two months prior to the first day of class.


of students don't buy one or more textbooks due to cost.


  • Designate the Library as the consultant and registry for all eBooks at the College.

  • Incentives for faculty who make textbook donations to the Library to be placed on reserve for student use.


students report textbook costs impact the courses they enroll in.


Faculty Involvement

  • Identify online Textbook Comparison Tools for faculy-use selecting textbooks.

  • Inform, educate, involve, and recognize faculty and administrators who take action to reduce textbook cost.

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