Sean Green*

Academic Program: IT Network Specialist

Senate Position Running For: President and Student Senator

Involvement: Student Senate Involvement: Admin & Finance Committee, Rules Committee, Legislative Affairs Committee, Team Development Committee, IT council (student body rep, not senate rep).  I also work up at the front desk for Student Development and Retention Services.


What would you like to accomplish with the Student Senate?

I would like to continue to push the issue on making mental health more widely accepted and known as they are already recognized as such in the Americans with Disabilities Act. I want to spend more time on the housing issue, and start to get that going as it has been somewhat dormant. Everything that is currently a priority, 3 yr plan, textbook affordability, etc. I want to keep those things alive and thriving. I want to work on getting more action in terms of representation at Goodman South going, I want to see our public relations start to make more of a footprint. I want to continue to make the relationship between Shared Governance and Senate strong so that together we can be more efficient towards finding problems students may be having and finding the resolutions for them. Lastly, I want to keep doing what we can to help the issue of retention.  Even though we have a lot of amazing things to help students who struggle, amazing instructors taking time out of their personal lives, the list would go on, etc, there are still slip holes where a student who is trying to utilize all of the help options to succeed, just doesn't end up succeeding and that I want to fill those cracks in.


What qualities and skills do you possess that would make you a good candidate for Senate?
I like to be organized, set my priorities. I like to be prepared, know my information before coming to the table.  I like to learn, like to see statistics, very sharp eye, perfectionism.  I like to engage and talk with people, I like to listen, with that comes empathy.  I start what I finish, I follow through.  I like to make sure there are open lines of communication between people, helps with being effective.  When I want to see something change, when it makes me upset because someone or something is getting the raw end of the deal, I get serious, when I am serious, I put everything in it, I am approachable, I love to help, I love helping others. I am a team player, I am the Sean Green machine.


What qualities do you possess that make you a good candidate to be the Madison College Senate President?

The ability to listen, to empathize with others, do over, a leader isn't a mix or match of qualities, its being able to have the core values of what makes a person whole to whom they are but also to whom they know they would like to be. Truth and honor and integrity. Those are my core values that I try and live by each day. Those same core values allow me to know what strengths and or weaknesses I do or do not have. And though that may not make sense if someone says "but you only see yourself one way, when everyone else may see you as someone else". Well its circle, with my core values I know that that would be a weakness like everyone else, so I can then make it a strength to seek council on how others perceive me. Its like that with everything. As long as I have this willingness to want to help and grow and improve with which i decide (Senate, and Madison College in this case) then I stay true to my goals and the likeliness of achieving them.  Leaders are not leaders from birth, they become leaders when they stay true to themselves, tackle a problem and fail, they learn from it, not because why they failed as a failure but instead how did there become a disconnect and why did this attempt not seem to mend and repair it. Leaders small and large are seasoned and have had to know they aren't always right, sometimes listening and empathizing may be most effective, and that a true leader is willing to step back when the best idea isn't the "leaders" idea, but the teams.  Hopefully this, whatever I just wrote hear, shows that I make a good candidate.   Never louder than lovely - my HS band director

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