Marcus Rubio*

Academic Program: Liberal Arts Transfer


Senate Position Running For: Madison Senator


Involvement: During college, I offered quite a bit of my time to YWCA Madison. Initially I was a volunteer for the Children's Program, and shortly after I became the Marketing & Development Intern. After a couple of months as an Intern, I was asked to take over the Volunteer Coordinator position. As an intern, I was to schedule team meetings, market annual events both online and in print, fundraise, keep in contact with donors, network, and fulfill data entry tasks almost simultaneously. As a Volunteer Coordinator I was to recruit people of all ages, run background checks, schedule interviews, host orientations, and also to train volunteers into their appropriate position.  I learned about the beneficial impact people have on other people's lives. I believe empathy is a characteristic that will drive us to a better future. Currently, I am an intern with United Way of Dane county and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County.


What qualities and skills do you possess that would make you a good candidate for Senate?

One quality that I humbly carry around with me is my drive to be the leader. I strive to give equal opportunity and trust in the team I work with during any given situation. To me, a leader should be responsible, personable, enthusiastic with an open mind, and aim for strategic change all while communicating effectively. I believe that these are the skills I've been able perfect in my extracurricular activities and workplaces.

What would you like to accomplish with the Student Senate?

With the Madison College Student Senate, I would like one of my accomplishments to be getting more students involved within our school, and even more so within our community. I believe college can be a tough position to put one's self through. In one moment students may feel confident where they are going in life, and maybe the next moment they hit a roadblock, or some unexpected life occurrence happens causing them to not feel confident, and feel distraught. I believe the connections we make in our lives are for an important reason, and finding that reason at the right time will help students to stay on track and fight for what they believe in regardless of what life wants to throw at us.

Mission Statement

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We pledge to:

  • Represent the interests of all students

  • Promote student/faculty understanding

  • Participate in community affairs that concern, involve, or affect the Madison College student body

  • Ensure all students have a voice in the governance of Madison College

  • Listen to and voice the needs, wants, and concerns of all students at Madison College

  • Above all, encourage students to become involved in the educational activities and social community of Madison College

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