Jenna Boyd

Academic Program: Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal

Senate Position Running For: Madison Senator

Involvement: At University of Wisconsin Law School:  1L Class rep - Middle Eastern Law Student Association - elected as 1st year class rep, helped coordinate events, spread awareness of the group, helped plan annual LEO banquet. I had to work with a wide variety of personalities in various capacities. It was important to be an active listener and adapt/shift gears proactively.   1L Class rep - Children's Justice Project - elected as 1st year class rep, similarly helped coordinate events and spread awareness of the student group amongst students.

What qualities and skills do you possess that would make you a good candidate for Senate?

I'm very organized and possess an eclectic set of real life experiences. I've attended and graduated from a 4 year degree, I'm a mother of 3, I have had both entry level and professional careers, and I was raised in poverty and now have a fairly secure life. I can relate to many different perspectives while staying focused on the specific student's needs. I've also professionally tutored and worked with adult students in the past.

What would you like to accomplish with the Student Senate?

I think the only way to make a system better or to keep a well run system going is to be involved and contribute. I'm a team player and I would like to help advance and achieve current goals.

This body is governed by the Madison College Student Senate Constitution & Bylaws, empowered by

Wisconsin State Statute §38.145. Procedures and rules of order, under the authority of Roberts Rules of Order.

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