What is being proposed?

The goal is to have a dental clinic on campus that can provide students and the community restorative and limited oral surgery services at a lower cost. This clinic would be open year round and be staffed by two dental assistants and at least one dentist. The clinic will provide on-campus clinical experiences that support the current dental hygiene clinic through education of students in the dental assistant and dental hygiene programs. The revenue gained would be used to support the budget within the School of Health Education by reinvesting in the equipment, supplies, and instructional needs for ongoing student learning.


By whom?

The initial development team: Dental Hygiene Program Directors, Dental Assistant Program Director and Faculty, Associate Dean and Dean of the School of Health Education.


How is this a good thing? How would it benefit students?

This service would provide students with the dental care they need, and in many cases, cannot afford. Most private dental practices in the Madison College district will only see patients with dental insurance. If a student does not have insurance or is on Badger Care, they can be seen at a community clinic; however, the community clinics can no longer accommodate the population needing treatment and are not accepting new patients at this time. With a restorative dental clinic on campus, students will receive treatment for dental procedures that they have neglected due to cost and accessibility.


Why is this being proposed to the College?

The idea for a restorative dental clinic came about when we were having trouble finding clinics to refer our patients to for additional dental work. Madison College Dental Hygiene Clinic will provide x-rays and dental cleanings to patients at a reduced charge. This is part of the students learning experience. Many of these patients do not have dental insurance, or are covered by Badger Care. In the past, we have been able to refer them to Access and Max Pohle Dental Clinics to have restorative dental work completed. We have been informed that Max Pohle clinic will close, and Access is no longer accepting patients due to their overload. There are few private dentists in Madison that will accept these patients. Having a restorative clinic at Madison College could help to fill the void and offer these patients a place to go for dental care. It would help us serve our community.


As a result of this thought, we came to the conclusion that the students at Madison College could also benefit from having restorative dental services available to them. Some of them currently use our dental hygiene services, so it makes sense to expand and offer them other dental procedures that they may not be able to otherwise afford. The clinic is very convenient and has daytime hours. Students would have access to both medical and dental services in the School of Health Education.


What would it cost to students?

Services may be included in the student fees, or students would receive treatment and be billed at a lower rate. The results of the survey below to students will provide a clearer picture of students’ needs and assist in the development of the fee structure.


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