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  • Currently enrolled in 6+ credits

  • GPA of 2.50 or higher

  • Available Thursdays at 4:30pm for general assembly

  • Have a passion for improving the student experience

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  • Fill out the application

  • Once your candidacy is approved, the Vice President of Legislative Affairs will notify you via email that you are eligible to run


  • Make your own campaign poster get a free trial of to make it easily or contact our office manager at  to get one made. Send a headshot and the text you want on it.

  • Make flyers and put them on boards around school and on tables

  • Table, reserve a table through the Student Life desk and talk people into voting for you

  • Tell your friends! Do classroom visits and tell your friends and peers you're running

  • Use social media and Wolfpack Connect make an eye-catching post about your campaign and have it shared around

  • Check out our tips page @

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March 3th

Student Senate Info Session

March 5th

Student Senate Info Session

March 6th

Student Senate Info Session

March 9th

Student Senate Info Session

March 11th

Student Senate Info Session

March 12th 

Application due! Deadline for being on the ballot

Student Senate Info Session

March 30- April 3

The ballot is open! The ballot is sent to your school email, vote there!

This body is governed by the Madison College Student Senate Constitution & Bylaws, empowered by

Wisconsin State Statute §38.145. Procedures and rules of order, under the authority of Roberts Rules of Order.

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Phone: (608) 246-6107
Fax: (608) 246-6880

1701 Wright St, B1260H
Madison, WI 53704

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