The Student Senate are the elected representatives of all students at Madison College. It is the student government of the College, coordinating services for students, advocating for students, and more. The Senate is empowered by State Law (Wisconsin State Statute 38.145) to be the main voice of students and to have primary responsibility for the formulation and review of policies concerning student life and services.


The Senate operates in this manner:


  1. Executive Council - Consists of the 5 Executive Officers (the four Vice Presidents and the President) and the Advisor. It provides leadership and guidance for the Senate.

  2. General Assembly - This is the main Assembly where all Senators and Executive Officers meet. It is here where decisions are made, Student voices are heard, bills & resolutions are presented, policies and finances are reviewed and general voting takes place. Any student is welcome to attend this meeting.

  3. Committees - There are currently 7 standing committees where all planning about a certain subject is done. This is the nuts and bolts of the Senate. Committees are Chaired by an Officer or by a Senator. Committees can be created at the Assembly to accommodate a certain issue of a certain academic year (e.g., if there's a huge safety concern on campus, the Senate Committee on Safety can be formed). Subcommittees can also be formed.


The purpose of the Senate is to:


  • Represent the voice of all students in all Madison College campuses.

  • Provide a liaison between the administration and the students.

  • Encourage improvement of the college and its surroundings by the student body.

  • Acquire and disseminate accurate information to the student body.

  • Communicate accurate information to the student body concerning the promotion of vocational and adult education within the community.

  • To formulate services for students.

  • To review and engage in the formulation process of policies that affect students.

  • To review, oversee and approve the budget of the Student Activities Board (SAB).

  • Coordinate services for students.







Madison College District Board - The role of the Madison College District Board is to function as a collective body that is the official link between the College and the community it serves, and to represent the community to the college by determining and assuring appropriate organizational performance, enacting policies on governance issues and executive limitations, monitoring college effectiveness, and assessing the College President's performance. They are the supreme leaders of the College and govern the whole college. As of 2013, the Board also included a non-voting Student Representative, currently Aaron Schattschneider.


Student Activities Board - They are the representatives of the student organizations of the College, and each member has 1 vote. They act as an appropriation board. They allocate and administrate the incidental fees of students, which is about $2 million dollars. The Student Senate President Chairs this board. The Student Senate is in charge of overseeing and reviewing the budget (and its allocations) of this organization, and can request reports from SAB.


Wisconsin Student Government - This state-wide organization represents 400,000 students across all the 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges. They advocate for students at the Wisconsin State Legislature, and come together to review and discuss policies that affect the lives of students they represent. The Vice President of Legislative Affairs is the Governor for Madison College in the Wisconsin Student Government, along with an appointed Lieutenant Governor.


The Constitution & ByLaws of the Student Senate are the rules, guidelines, and laws of operation. Any Senate member can propose a change to the bylaws, but it's very hard to change the constitution.




  • The head of the Student Senate,

  • Serves as official spokesperson of the Senate.

  • Leads the vision and operations of the Student Senate

  • Meets with the College administrators in a regular basis, such as the College President.

  • Chairs the General Assembly, The Student Activity Board, and the Executive Council.

  • Appoints Senate Committee Chairs, college committee members and panels.

  • Plans the agenda of the Senate. 

  • Ceremonial student leader of the College.

Vice President of Administration & Finance

  • Chief financial officer and secretary of the Senate

  • Writes the minutes of meetings

  • Tracks attendance

  • Keeps the rosters and schedules updated

  • Monitors the Senate budget

  • Creates the 3 year plan

  • Senate Representative at the Student Activities Board.

  • Chair of the Senate Committee on Finance. 

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

  • Chief law enforcer of the constitution & bylaws, and policies of the senate

  • Parliamentarian of the Senate.

  • Governor for Madison College in the Wisconsin Student Government. 

  • Swears in new Senators and Officers

  • Informs students of state legislation that affects them

  • Presides over Senate Elections

  • Acts as Senate legislation clerk

  • Chairs the Senate Committee on Rules and the Senate Committee on Legislative Affairs.

Vice President of Public Relations

  • Communications director, press secretary and spokesperson for the Senate

  • Promotes the face of the Senate

  • Manages the social media platforms

  • Promotes Senate services

  • Coordinates Senate events

  • Chairs of the Public Relations committee

Vice President of Team Development

  • Trains new Senate members

  • Leads skill building sessions and knowledge acquisition

  • Coordinates and plans team-building activities and trips

  • Promotes the development of Senate teamwork

  • Office Manager supervisor

  • Chairs  the Team Development Committee

Advisor: Ellie Rome

  • Chief of logistics for Senate

  • Staff member appointed by Student Life

  • Serves as the Time Keeper of the Senate,

  • Makes sure the Senate runs smoothly and continuously

  • Not a voting member of the Senate, but advises and voices opinions on the decisions of the Senate

  • Not elected, therefore they do not hold Office.

  • Non-voting member of the Executive Council.


  • The majority of the Senate

  • Independent representatives of students

    • usually represents an aspect of the college academic school or campus

  • Members of Senate Committees

    • Sometimes become chairpersons

  • Majority voting members of the General Assembly

  • The overall  eyes, ears and voice of the Senate.

  • The individual leaders and representatives of students

This body is governed by the Madison College Student Senate Constitution & Bylaws, empowered by

Wisconsin State Statute §38.145. Procedures and rules of order, under the authority of Roberts Rules of Order.

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