Campaign Tips

  • Determine “what things” students are concerned about Ask students of all types & get their input.  You may find a theme to demonstrate “common themes” among students to create unity at the college.  This can be very powerful!  In the end, guess who they will remember?

  • Create a vision Figure out what you stand for!  People don't want to hear that you are running “just for fun.”  They want to know that you have a reason for running & that you have a plan that is going to help make their college experience a better one.  

  • Create an online presence Not many people are going to vote for just a name. They want a face, a personality to go with it. Post promotion on Facebook, Wolfpack Connect, Instagram, Snapchat, etc

  • Connect with clubs contact the leaders of all the clubs, organizations & teams on campus. Ask if you can speak at one of their meetings. Tell them a little about yourself & “why” you are running. Give them enough information so they may make an educated decision.

  • Make some promo include some of your goals, so you don't just have fliers hanging around that just say “vote for me.”

    • Make 4” X 6” table-tents to promote your candidacy.  Work through the Student Life Office in Truax to get them displayed in the cafeterias at the campuses.

    • buttons, posters, t-shirts & whatever else you can think of that you can put your picture on.

    • Hang posters of various sizes & shapes & around all the Madison College campuses (ex. South, Watertown)

      • ​(Please observe college posting guidelines by only placing your campaign flyers on general use bulletin boards.  Please do not place posters on boards that are specifically designated for other topics.  Use only staples, push-pins or tacks on the bulletin-boards. Posters cannot be taped to any wall surfaces, including bathroom stalls & elevators, etc.  When in doubt, please ask.)

  • Develop a campaign slogan & use it every time your name is spoken or written.

  • Become Visible When you are on-campus, wear Senate merch, name-tag, campaign t-shirt, button with a call to action (i.e. "ask me about the Senate election"). This will draw attention to you & students will ask you “what” the tag is about, giving you the opportunity to promote your candidacy & ask students for their vote.

  • Classroom visits Ask faculty members if you may have 3 – 5 minutes at the beginning or end of classes to introduce yourself to your student constituents.  Tell them about yourself & “why” you are running for a Senate.  Ask for their vote.

  • Write your name & “Vote for Me” on the classroom whiteboards throughout campus. Only enter rooms that are not in use. Have some of your friends or family help you. This is a GREAT strategy because a lot of people will see your name!  

  • Talk to students

    • greet them as they enter or leave the Madison College buildings.  Introduce yourself & tell them that you are running

      • (Please do not impede the flow of pedestrian traffic.)

    • Hang out in common areas, such as the cafeterias, lounges, or other gathering spots

    • Approach students & introduce yourself. Be friendly & polite, but keep your conversations brief, if students do not seem very interested. If you like, keep individual treat bags, with your campaign information attached, on hand to give out.

    • New students are great people to talk with since they are new to campus & haven't had much of a chance to form a lot of opinions yet.  Approaching them also helps them to feel included in their new college.

  • Gather a Campaign Team to help you run for office.  The team should be highly-committed to campaign with you & promote your platform to other students. Start small—between two & ten people—as you plan your campaign. Enlist more help during the actual campaign period for specific tasks. Your team should be visible supporters throughout your campaign & help spread your message around campus. Some ideas for your campaign team are:

    • Provide them with identifying bag tags, name tags, face paint, or stickers or t-shirts (if your budget allows). 

    • Have them attend all campus events, so that your candidacy is represented throughout the campuses & among students of varied academic programs, interests, student organizations, clubs, etc.

    • ​Create a FaceBook group. Make your team members administrators so that they can each invite their entire friend list.

    • ​On the last day of the campaign, have your team members spend time going through each person’s contacts and make calls to reminding students to vote.  Order pizza for your team while this important task is completed.

  • Search the internet and books for more tips on “how to run an election campaign.”

  • Contact the Senate Office or the Advisor to the Student Senate if you have any questions


DON'T campaign near the polls on the day(s) of the elections.  It is not allowed.


This includes:

  • No handing-out campaign materials.

  • No clothing, buttons, stickers, etc. to support candidates may be visible.

  • No verbal solicitation for a vote for a specific candidate.


Likewise, it is not allowable for candidates to be involved in the operation of the polls, the counting of votes, or any handing of the ballots or ballot boxes beyond the act of voting. 



This body is governed by the Madison College Student Senate Constitution & Bylaws, empowered by

Wisconsin State Statute §38.145. Procedures and rules of order, under the authority of Roberts Rules of Order.

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