We, the Student Senate of Madison College, have pledged to represent the interests of all students; to promote student/faculty understanding; to participate in community affairs that concern, involve, or affect our students; but, above all, to encourage students to become involved in the educational and social activities of Madison College. We have have pledged to voice and hear the needs and wants of all students at Madison College, and to make sure all students have a voice in the governance of Madison College.

The Student Senate at Madison Area Technical College was established in 1961.

Wisconsin State Statute 38.145 provides legal basis for the role of student government in matters of the college.

Wisconsin State Statute 38.145: Responsibilities of Students.

"The Students of each district, subject to the responsibilities & powers of the board, the state director, the district board, the district director & the faculty, shall be active participants in the immediate governance of & policy development for the district & may participate in all matters affecting student interests to the extent not in conflict with the terms of any collective bargaining agreement. As such, students have primary responsibility for the formulation & review of policies concerning student life & services.


Students in consultation with the district director & subject to the final confirmation of the district board have the responsibility for the disposition of student activity & incidental fees under §38.14(9).


The students of each district may organize themselves in a manner that they determine & select their representatives to participate in district governance. This section does not prohibit the board, the state director, the district board, the district director or the faculty from selecting students to participate in district governance by any students selected by those bodies or persons shall not be considered to be representative of students for the purpose of students' right to slect their representative to participate in district governance."




1993 Assembly Bill 155, Wisconsin Act 101 was enacted by the Wisconsin State Senate & Assembly on December 13, 1933 & became law as Wisconsin State Statute 38.145.


This body is governed by the Madison College Student Senate Constitution & Bylaws, empowered by

Wisconsin State Statute §38.145. Procedures and rules of order, under the authority of Roberts Rules of Order.

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