3-Year Plan

Student Senate's 3-year plan details our primary long-term goals to improve the experience for students at Madison College. The plan also details our budget, achievements of the year, and explains the structure of Senate.


This is presented to Student Activities Board which is responsible for the handling of student activities fees.



Food Security Resource Fair

CARES Title 3 Steering Committee



Textbook Affordability Forum



L2 Advising Committee



150+ students attended. Brought awareness to realities of student food insecurity.  All students and staff were encouraged to come to enjoy community building with local organizations as they learned about food scarcity.

40 attendees Answered student and staff questions about the full-rental textbook referendum. Opened a dialog about the high cost of textbooks.

96 students attended at Truax.  600 "finals survival bags" were distributed to students on all Madison and Regional campuses that contained snacks and other goodies to help students study. During the event, there were many co-sponsors who ran activities ranging from yoga to drawing.

Four senators attended the Wisconsin Student Government Legislative Seminar that took place in Madison. There they talked to state representatives to lobby for student interests.


CARES Title 3 Steering Committee



L2 Advising Committee



President's Cabinet



CARES Title III Project (CT3) is a five-year initiative to expand advising resources, enhance technology and improve student success. It is a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to Madison College. Student Senate has been able to collaborate with the  committee to give feedback.

The L2 committee works with CT3 to build awareness of and to understand how language impacts student confidence, success and retention here at Madison College. Senate has gotten contributed to their efforts.

Every general assembly (GA) meeting there is a member of the President's Cabinet who comes to update the Senate on what the Administration is up to and get feedback. Near the end of each semester, the whole cabinet goes to GA to talk through challenges the college is working through and get our input.

Mission Statement

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We pledge to:

  • Represent the interests of all students

  • Promote student/faculty understanding

  • Participate in community affairs that concern, involve, or affect the Madison College student body

  • Ensure all students have a voice in the governance of Madison College

  • Listen to and voice the needs, wants, and concerns of all students at Madison College

  • Above all, encourage students to become involved in the educational activities and social community of Madison College

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