Who We Are

Senate was established in 1961 as a part of the Wisconsin State Statute 30.145, with the purpose of:


  • Representing the students’ voice in the Student Senate  

  • Providing a liaison between the administration and the students

  • Promoting citizenship and leadership within the student body

  • Encouraging improvement of the college

  • Acquiring and disseminating accurate information to the student body 

  • Communicating accurate information to the student body concerning the promotion of vocational and adult education within the community

Our Mission

We, the Student Senate of Madison College, have pledged to represent the interests of all students; to promote student/faculty understanding; to participate in community affairs that concern, involve, or affect our students; but, above all, to encourage students to become involved in the educational and social activities of Madison College. We have have pledged to voice and hear the needs and wants of all students at Madison College, and to make sure all students have a voice in the governance of Madison College.

How You Can Help

Community success and progress in most dependent on the support of the individuals that live in it. For Madison College, those individuals are mainly it's students. 

If you see something that you feels needs to change, if you experience something you want people to know about, and if you have ideas on how to make Madison College even better for it's students, please reach out to the Student Senate with your thoughts. We represent you, we need your help determining what ideas, values, and principles do that best. 

This body is governed by the Madison College Student Senate Constitution & Bylaws, empowered by

Wisconsin State Statute §38.145. Procedures and rules of order, under the authority of Roberts Rules of Order.

Follow Us At:

Phone: (608) 246-6107
Fax: (608) 246-6880

1701 Wright St, B1260H
Madison, WI 53704

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